3D Deep Learing / AI Content Generation / Multi-modal Processing

  • 3D Reconstruction 3D Content Modeling and Generation, Shape from X, 3D Localization, Strucured from Motion (SfM), Neural Radiance Fields, SLAM
  • Multi-modal Processing Multi-view Sensor Processing, Volumetric Capture, Multi-sensor Capture, Neural Shading, Multi-camera Calibration, Camera Synchronization
  • AI-based Content Human Generative Model, Human Performance Capture, 3D Avatar Animation, Character Animation, 3D Human Pose and Motion, Voice and Face Association

Neural 3D Reconstruction

3D Face Modeling

Facial Image Generation & Retargetting

3D Shape Modeling

3D Cloth Modeling

3D Human Pose Estimation

3D Shape Similarity & Metric Learning

Multi-Modal & Multi-Camera System

Multi-modal (RGB-D) Processing

3D Catpturing (3D Scan) & 3D Reconstruction

Facial Animation

Face-Voice Association

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